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25 Sep

6 Things I Learned by 26

A few weeks ago, I celebrated my 26th birthday! Every year, I take a moment and reflect about life: what I've learned, what I've been through, and how I can overall become a better person. If I had to pinpoint the most important lessons I've learned thus far, these are the 6 lessons that stand out to me the most....
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20 Sep

A Few Hours in Old San Juan Puerto Rico

While cleaning out some old files on my laptop, I found some pictures I never shared here on Luxxe and Co from a cruise I went on last summer. Puerto Rico was on my bucket list of places I needed to travel, and so when the cruise I was on stopped there for the day I was excited. Puerto Rico is so gorgeous, but instead of ranting and raving over and over, I’ll let the pictures speak...
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18 Sep

These Highlighters Are 15% Off!

The Macy's VIP Sale is happening now! Through September 24th, beauty and fragrance item's are 15% off (with a few restrictions, find out which items are not included in the 15% off promotion, read Macy's disclaimer here). Instead of providing a list of all the products I'm interested in during this sale, I'm sharing with you my favorite beauty product, highlighters, that are 15% off at Macy's this week using code VIP....
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